What a day


      This afternoon my boy, who is 9, had a minor meltdown.  He ran into the backyard refusing to get into the car to go home. Not sure if it was because I make him shut down his YouTube or because I took away his soda for being rude and disrespectful to me. Either way it was time to leave daddy’s and go home for the night and he wasnt happy about it. He took off down the stairs locked the doors behind him and ran around the house and hid in the driveway while his older sister, Daddy and I got into to the car. I wanted to ignore the behavior, however, I didn’t want to be playing this game all night either. He is my child I know how stubborn he could be. Daddy told sister to go get him….I saw the imminent danger in this idea so I got out and went too. She went around one side and I tried to head him off on the other side. He ran away from her and when he saw me he burned rubber in the opposite direction right into his sisters’ clutches. She managed to get a hold of him and shake him around a bit. As she was slogging him left and right he fell to the ground screaming and writhing in the overgrown grass. I chased her away and grabbed him so he would stop screaming but he tried running. I calmly grabbed him up and hugged him tight and asked him to talk to me about why he is upset. He just kind of squeaked and moaned but it was better than screaming. I held him and asked him kindly to come to the car and we can talk about whats bothering him. He came to the car whining and sobbing, trying to excape my grasp. He curled up into a ball in the back seat and put a blanket over himself. He was mostly fine after that. He asked for a drink of soda, I lectured him about why he lost his soda, talking rude to me will not be tolerated and he will lose his soda privilege and other things if he can’t talk nicely. He came out from under the blanket on the ride and we talked.The rest of the night went smoothly, even bedtime. I love my crazy life.

What a day.

Thanks for reading.





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