My Intro

My first writing prompt, to get my creative juices flowing, is to write about who I am, why I’m here and what I plan to write about.

Who am I? Well…Above all else I’m a mother. I’m a mother of two kids, a dog and a cat. I’m a daughter, a sister, an auntie and a friend. I love to travel, although I don’t get to do it often enough. I’ve been to Perú twice, Spain and Puerto Rico. I can speak, read and write in Spanish too. I love to read and learn. I own several self help books and I reread them regularly. I am grateful and proud…I am persistent and strong.

Next, I’ll tell you why I am here…to express myself. To get to know myself better and to get to know other bloggers as well. I’m here to improve my craft and fine tune my writing skills. Also, to learn best blogging practices and create an inviting and invigorating place to find stimulating content.

What do I plan to write about…my life. I’ll write pieces about my thoughts and opinions about the world around me. I plan to write about my experiences with kids, pets, travel and more.  Prompts to me are a great way to get my brain working so I plan to write about some cool prompts as well as posting some music and photos.

So there is my into…and my first writing prompt completed. 👍💕✏📖


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